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[Reference] Action Recognition Research of ICS

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Usage of public data

These public data are intellectual properties of Intelligent Cooperative Systems Laboratory or Taketoshi MORI, Masamichi SHIMOSAKA and Kousuke TSUJIOKA. The public data are permitted to be used or changed, provided following the conditions below.

Public data format

2004-01-24: Motion/Movement data are of BVH(BioVision Hiearhical) format, and action name data are added as evaluation value records.

2004.1.24 -- 2003.3.10 Public data:

The ground truth of action name for a motion is defined by "Human thought".
Action name may be usually assigned for a motion sequence. In spite of this, action name is assigned to every frame in the public data. A frame may correspond to several action names.

  1. One dataset has 25 files.
  2. The motion data are recorded in BVH(http://www.biovision.com/) format.
    Action name data are recorded as evaluation values under tgb directory.
    The action name is assigned based on questionnaire results. In tdb files, each frame has 1 for yes(The named action is occuring), 0 for no(The named action is not occuring), and 0.5 for neutral (Whether the named action is occuring or not is difficult to determine).

A frame of FoldArms file
Example of FoldArms file(AVI, About 300Kbytes)

A frame of GetUp file
Example of GetUp file(AVI, About 550Kbytes)

List of 25 files in a dataset

GetUp Lying ShowingHand Standing
Jump LyingOnBack SitDown Turn
KeepDown LyingOnFace Sitting Walking
LieDown LyingOnSide SittingOnChair
LookAway OnFourLimbs SittingOnFloor
LookDown ReachOut StandStill

There are 25 BVH files for target 25 actions.
Teacher data exist for target 25 actions for each BVH. i.e. 25 * 25 = 625 files.
There exist 5 above sets.

Public data

The data have been open to public since 2003-03-10.

2004-01-24 Public data

Same as 2003-09-17 version. Compressed as zip.

2003-09-17 Public data

[Reference] Action Recognition Research of ICS

Output example 1 of an ICS Action Recognition System

Related research papers

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